Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning

Saturday was the first day of spring and since
it was so warm in Maine (which is very unusual)
I was inspired to do some spring cleaning and
began with the porch. I ended up rearranging
things trying to simplify as best I could.
Ellie May was used to having the couch
where the chair now is and looked very puzzled
when she first saw the new look!
Didn't take her long to adjust.

I think our taste of spring may disappear soon
as temperatures are predicted to drop this week
with a slight chance of snow.


  1. Your porch looks pretty and comfortable. I'd love to have one like that. I've got spring fever and am anxious to clean here too!
    x lori

  2. Hi Lori ann,
    thanks and I did get to enjoy working out on the porch for a few days but now as I write it feels like we are back in winter temperature wise!