Friday, June 19, 2009

Welcome to my Studio

"Welcome to Maine Memories,
where I love to create memories
with my pens and paints.

So glad you could stop by my art studio.

To get there we can either go

through the
trellis and wander through the garden...

or go through the gate

and stroll down the brick path
that winds by the house.

Let's first stroll down the brick path...

There's a glimpse of the studio,
shall we continue...

it's coming into view...

...just hold on to the railing and go down
a few steps...
Meet the studio artist cat, Ellie May, who
sometimes is waiting
to greet you just inside the porch
screen door ...
watching from the upstairs window... other times, she's helping N with her paintings

and on nice days they can work on the porch.

Ellie May supervises...

we think it's finished!

Let's step inside ...