Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Old Art

While rummaging around the basement while visiting
my Dad I came across these 2 old paintings.

The first one I painted when I was 14.
I always have loved Maine!

When my brother (the pianist) was 13 he performed the
Brahms Trio with
Joel (the clarinetist) and Pat (the cellist).
At the time I tried to capture this special performance
with my paints!
I was so happy to be reunited with these paintings and
so thankful they had been saved all these years.


  1. lucky you! what a great find Nan. You are such a talented artist. You are so fortunate that your parents saved these!

  2. Thanks Lori ann,
    I'm still down here in Conn. My Dad has come across more memorabilia that he would like me to go through today...amongst them lots of old letters and photos and maybe art, there's things from all of my siblings and grandparents.