Friday, April 27, 2012

Some New Art

I have been loving the spring with the flowers
and birds and inspiring to me.
Here are the little white Puschkinia flowers that have a delicate
blue stripe on the flower petals peeking out of the reeds.

There's a sweet little chipmunk that has been constantly filling
her cheeks with sunflower seeds at the bird feeder. I have become
so fond of her.
She paused on the front step beside a heart rock on her route
when she became aware of me standing there.
I thought it was nice of her to pose for my camera!

I love all birds and at the beach am always excited
to see plovers.
Came across a photo I took last fall and it has inspired
me to capture the beautiful plovers through my art.
This is a work still in progress.

To see larger images just click on the image.

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